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               Vielen Dank für Ihren Eintrag in mein Gästebuch. Um die vielen nervigen Spams auszufiltern,
               wird dieser erst von mir kontrolliert und dann freigegeben. Ich bitte um Ihr Verständnis!

Chris Johnson (27-08-17)

Hello Klaus! I heard you playing on the streets of Salzburg almost 20 years ago during a time when our family was living/working in Budapest. I had never heard the kind of sound you produce from a guitar before and was completely blown away. The acoustics in Salzburg certainly complement your stylings, but I knew immediately that I was listening to something very extraordinary. I bought your Mixed Emotions CD then and now I\'m planning to order another one from you soon. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift so openly and with such passion! All the best! Chris (USA, North Carolina)   

Warren Mason (27-01-17)

Hi Klaus, More than 20 years ago we heard you playing on the street in Salzburg. The next day you came and played at our wedding in Schloss Mirabell. An unforgettable experience. You gave us Stringtime back then and I listen to it to this day. We plan on coming to Europe next summer and Salzburg will be one of our stops. Our daughters are now 17 and 14 and we hope to run into you while we are there. Best wishes...always, Warren   

Diane (31-12-16)

Saw you playing at the Christmas market in Salzburg and fell in love with your music. Bought your cd and have been listening to it back in sunny Singapore. It has a therapeutic effect of relaxing the mind after a long day at work. Keep the good work up!   

Ana (26-12-16)

Your CD is on the way to Australia! We enjoyed your beautiful guitarplaying Christmastime in Salzburg   

Siebe Pol (07-08-16)

We saw you play yesterday (Saturday, Aug 6th) morning in Salzburg and it was amazing. I immediately decided to buy the Timeless Tunes cd. Thank you for your music, I think I\'ll buy more cd\'s from you soon :-) Regards, Siebe Pol, The Netherlands   

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