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               Vielen Dank für Ihren Eintrag in mein Gästebuch. Um die vielen nervigen Spams auszufiltern,
               wird dieser erst von mir kontrolliert und dann freigegeben. Ich bitte um Ihr Verständnis!

Naser khan (08-07-20)

Mr Klaus you are a genius, the god of acoustic guitar, your music is heaven to the ears , and pleasure to listen to. Deeply moved.   

Mike and Barbara Temple (04-07-20)

We bought your cd Timeless Tunes after we saw and listened to you playing in Salzburg in 2018. It is such relaxing music that has become one of our favourite albums. Have just ordered two more from you as a 33rd Anniversary present to ourselves. Can’t wait to listen to them.   

Margaret (13-08-19)

A visit to Salzburg would not be complete without listening to you playing your guitar on the steps of that amazing cathedral I am so pleased with your new cd - bought it also for my 6 year old granddaughter who absolutely loves listening to it. See you next year!   

Sharon Singzon (22-07-19)

Hi Klaus! I bought a copy of your Timeless Tunes cd while you were performing in the street of Salzburg. The music you played is so relaxing and impressive. After playing the cd several times, I noticed that there seems to be a harmonica also. Did you play it also? I did not see it while you were performing in Salzburg. Thanks again for the wonderful music!   

Fred Niezink (09-05-19)

Het is denk ik 25 jaar geleden dat we je in Salzburg op straat zagen spelen. Je was één met je gitaar. Ik was onder de indruk van het prachtige spel. Heb ter plekke 2 cd\'s gekocht en later nog een keer 3 cd\'s. Met enige regelmaat zet ik je muziek op en geniet op die wijze al 25 jaar van je muziek. Dank.   

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