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Music is a feeling then, not a sound (W.Stevens)

On my 11th birthday on 26 October 1971 my father presented me with a concert guitar. However, at that time the consequences of this action were neither to be foreseen by my parents nor by me. Although my basic background in classical music had afforded me the ability not only to read letters but notes as well, I realised early on that classical music would never be my passion.

After erroneously having started a bank career I broadened my musical horizon by joining a big band and a blues band. Finally I wound up touring through Germany with a country band, yet this ended rather suddenly when I heard a record of the late French fingerpicking artist Marcel Dadi. His vigorous alternating bass line play influenced by the great American legends Merle Travis and Chet Atkins fascinated me in the same way as did the very notion of transferring a song initially composed for an entire band into one played on a single instrument.

From that moment on I started to transform my classical picking technique which by that time had become rather neglected, into a fingerpicking technique. Without realising it, I had thereby laid the foundation for my solo career.

I left my hometown Remscheid in North-Rhine Westphalia in 1988 for my first "road tour" with my camper and gave exceptionally well attended open air concerts in countless pedestrian areas in cities throughout Europe. More and more compositions and arrangements of my own eventually replaced the well known "cover version" favorites and gave way to the release of my first CD and a music book.

In 1992 after 4 years on the road I eventually established myself in Salzburg and have since been very busy performing at clubs, festivals, exhibitions, fairs, art exhibits and numerous other celebrations and events. My repertoire comprises instrumental pieces from a wide variety of music such as jazz, pop, blues, folk and classical as well as my own compositions. Many years of experience have afforded me the luxury of being in the position to apply the finger picking technique to nearly any genre of music without stylistic limitations.

From Bach to Led Zeppelin - everything is possible. Together with the occasional use of my own singing voice I am capable of organising and personalising performances of any kind for any occasion.